Teeth Whitening Before & After Images

The client is 23 years of age with a healthy lifestyle and regular dental check-ups. 


Our client here is 36, and she enjoys her morning coffee and alcohol in the evening. She maintains regular dentist check-ups and cleans. 


Such fantastic results with a 36-year-old male, he has a healthy lifestyle and regular dental check-ups. 


Client 29-year-old female with a healthy lifestyle. Regular dental cleans and check-ups. Whitening teeth that are regularly cleaned by a dentist does enhance the whitening. 


28 Years old male. The regular dentist checks up and cleans. Lifted 10 shades. The client is a regular customer with BSB.




The client is 19 years of age, and her teeth are quite healthy with a bit of yellow staining, we lifted her teeth 7 - 10 shades lighter. Regular Top-up whiten her teeth.  

Before & After Images



Client in his 40's. Drinks up to 5 coffee's a day. His first Top up from his first triple treatment. 



An elderly lady in her late 50's. Regular coffee drinker and enjoys red wine regularly. 


Our 39-year-old client here an avid coffee drinker. Alcohol on the weekends, this is his first Double Treatment. The more discolouration, the more dramatic we can lift staining on your first Bright Smile Beauty Double Treatment session. The first session lifted 5-10 shades lighter. K9 teeth are generally more stubborn with stains and discolouration close to the gums. Treating your teeth regularly with a dentist for a check-up and cleans assist with BSB top-ups, eliminating the yellow staining. 


Young client aged 23 years. Drinks regularly and smokes. 

Before & After Images


YThis young client, 23 years, is a regular coffee and alcohol drinker. 

Before & After Images


The client is 23 years. He is an avid cola and alcohol drinker. 

Before & After Images


Client 24-year-old had intense yellow staining. Her first BSB Triple Treatment lifted her teeth 11 shades and her confidence she couldn't stop her smiling. :)


This 40+-year-old man has suffered from tetracycline due to use of particular medication and antibiotics. We lifted 12 shades from his first BSB Triple Treatment. He has had 2 top-ups since. We are so pleased with the results and the confidence our client has now gained having whiter teeth. 


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