What Can I Eat?

What To Eat And What Not To Eat?

In general, after ttreatment, you should avoid foods that are likely to cause re-staining. After any treatment we encourage you to avoid anything that will stain a white shirt. All our clients are thoroughly guided in their consultation and given  information of what foods and drinks to avoid and what foods and drinks are suitable post treatment.  After all treatments you can resume a regular healthy diet, generally between 48-72 hours post treatment.

Five Foods to Avoid After Teeth Whitening

Items to avoid:

  1. Dark or strongly coloured liquids are tea, coffee, red wine, cola, and tomato juice.
  2. Acidic beverages: examples are soft drinks, fruit juices, and alcohol in general.
  3. Foods with natural or added colourants are beef, soy sauce, ketchup/tomato sauce, bolognese, and chocolate.
  4. Sugary foods: cakes, cookies, ice cream, etc., can trigger decay-causing bacteria, causing tooth irritation and possible staining.
  5. Any item that fails the "white shirt test" it's best to avoid any food that would leave a visible stain on a white piece of clothing for the first 24 hours after whitening.

So What Can I Eat After Teeth Whitening?

Good question; it may seem like your choices are severely restricted. In reality, however, there are many items you can enjoy during the post-whitening period. They include:

  • Skinless turkey or chicken: remove any portions of fat or have the preparer do so if you're dining out. 
  • Whitefish: please avoid healthy spices or coloured sauces.
  • White rice, pasta, or breadeat these in limited amounts, as excess carb consumption can promote cavities. Not suitable for celiac clients
  • Egg whites: Ditch the yokes.
  • White cheeses: Lower-fat versions are better.
  • Peeled potatoes: Mashed, boiled, or sliced. However, you like them. Don't add butter and avoid pepper.
  • Cauliflower, or white onions.
  • Choose Skimmed or low-fat milk.

Snack foods suggestions 

  • Yogurt. With peeled pear, apple or banana and grated or shredded coconut.
  • Rice cakes with selected cheese (nothing too yellow, perhaps feta or ricotta or a can of plain tuna mixed with mayo or any alternative white/light base food topping.
  • Porridge or oats with banana (avoid honey) use grated or shredded coconut instead.
  • Fruit salad containing peeled apples, peeled pear, bananas.
Just remember your teeth are still in the healing stage. Avoid anything that would stain a white shirt. 

    Other Tips for the Post-Whitening Period

    Brush your teeth gently after having them whitened, make sure to use a soft bristle brush and a low or non-abrasive form of toothpaste. Charcoal paste and coloured pastes are not recommended.

    You may want to use a formula designed for sensitive teeth as you may experince slight sensitivity. 

    Further guidence advised in consultation.

    Drink all the plain water you like. It is useful for ensuring adequate saliva production. Filtered water and tap are best, as tap water contains fluoride. Yes, some fluoride in water is okay.

    Tobacco products and vaping devices, dark-coloured food, and drinks can undo all the good you gain from teeth whitening. Your technician can recommend new medications that will help you to kick the habit for good.